The great festive season in India has arrived which is starting from the month of October to December every year. Try to enjoy this festive season with amazing products of COKO Stores. This season shop for special range of Diyas and Candles and decorate your sweet home with simple but attractive, cutest and creative products from COKO Stores. COKO Hongkong is a brand of modern-day products in various categories such a Kitchen utility, Bathroom accessories, Candles, Caps, Trendy artificial Jewelry, Sports accessories, Baking products, Storage products, Office stationery, Bags, Men’s fashion accessories and much more and are also suitable for corporate gifts, household gifts and lifestyle gifts. Come and experience the latest collection this festive season with COKO Stores and bring happiness to your dream home. Celebrate the festivals with COKO Stores, which express the unique feelings within you and gives satisfaction that choosing

  • Now Gifting is Easy with COKO Stores…!!

    Now Gifting is Easy with COKO Stores…!!

    When it comes to giving gifts, we all have a tough time. We all want to give really memorable and unique gifts to our pals.

    But hey, take a deep breath, as we’ve got you an awesome store that’ll save you from all the confusion and struggle. Read on!

    One Stop Shop for Gifting Items! | Did you know about Coko Stores? This place has everything you didn’t even know you needed, both for

  • 5 Most Value for Money Things You Can Buy from Coko Stores

    5 Most Value for Money Things You Can Buy from Coko Stores

    When Coko Stores opened, I got really excited because there’s another one to go to in my list! I visited their newly-opened Meerut Store and found a couple interesting products which
    were affordable and priced in just a right for every buyer! Most people go to Coko Stores to buy fashion accessories, household items or stationary. But before you pick up a basket and
    go crazy buying thermos flasks and makeup sponges because OMG SO CHEAP here is list of 5 most value of money things which I think you can buy over there are:

    1. Fashion Accessories

  • New Store in Town to Bag Pretty Earrings, Artsy Diaries & More…!!

    New Store in Town to Bag Pretty Earrings, Artsy Diaries & More…!!

    Isn’t it just amazing how quickly Coko Stores has transformed to become one of our favourite shopping spots? Right from Artifical Jwellery andTravel accessories it has everything and we’re so in love with this place.


    All Things Artsy! | So we found this new gem in Delhi, Bengaluru and Meerut. It’s a cozy shop with an awesome collection of colourful and quirky wall hangings, cute coin bags, Artsy Diaries and the absolute cutest earrings of all! 

    You’ll find these amazing earrings there, that come in a range of colours and have really made our hearts melt. You must also check out their diaries which come decorated with pr



    If you're looking for a profitable experience in the retail field and wish for joining a franchise, COKO Stores could be the right choice and lucrative option for you. COKO HongKong - A Leading Fast Fashionable Retail & Lifestyle Store in India offers a large range of daily use products such as, stationery, household products and fashion accessories amongst others.

    COKO Stores provides high-quality products at a very low-price to the consumers across India. Established in Hong Kong, COKO Stores aims at bringing in ease and comfort into the lives of its consumers. COKO HongKong is a professionally managed group and offers a plethora of daily use products such as Household Essentials, Health & Beauty Products, Travel Essentials, Sports, Trendy Jewelry, Fashion Accessories, Kitchen Products, Stationery & much more at a



    Every year sees a surge in new lifestyle trends or a growing popularity in recent ideas. You’ll find these trends covering every aspect of your life. From fashion to food, these lifestyle trends go viral, blanketing the internet with galleries, videos, and new products.  One can deduce that people are interested in trying something new every day. People want to buy new trendy products which match with their modern lifestyle and make it more comfortable.

    From regular kitchenware to customizable beach shades, trendy and modern outlook is a top priority among the 2018 lifestyle trends. COKO stores offer wide range of lifestyle products for all such needs.

    Different layers of lifestyles, demographic change, digitalization and a responsible attitude towards